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Hi there! My name is Jillian and I am the founder of Wanderlust Findings. 

Wanderlust Findings was originally just a large personal collection of crystals, minerals, creative hobbies and curiosity. As a child I always collected rocks and had quite a collection until I decided to ruin them all by hot gluing them to a board. Doh!

During my early teen years, I found a comfort and interest in the world of witchery and divination. I have always felt "home" amongst the giant trees and all things outdoors where I can hear and feel the breeze and all that travels on it. 

In my late teens, I started to realize I had a high intuition and my empathic tendencies really started to present itself as a deep need to help others. During this time I was also trying to become a young adult, so my interests in things not of the norm had to be set a side a bit. 

Now as a small but power female-owned and operated business, I can offer more than just crystals. I am now certified and fully able to deliver readings from loved ones, Archangels, Angels, Star beings, Fairies, Dragons and more. I am lead by a team of Archangels (headed by Archangel Raziel) and Fairies mixed with the Elementals and my Ancestors to recieve and deliver all medium, psychic and intuitive messages through sight, thought, smell, sound, knowing and feeling.

I have combined my ability of hearing and feeling crystalline frequencies with hearing and feeling your frequencies to match you with crystal babies that pair with your soul perfectly. I do this in a few different ways. I can sit with your energy and allow the crystals to step forward saying they are meant for you, or I can sit with your energy and the crystals energies and pair them as if the same sound or frequencies waves would be when perfectly in tune. 

I am thankful for you all trusting in me to pair you with messages and tools to assist you on your personal journeys. I am ever blessed to know each and every one of you. There is a lesson we can always learn from each other. Remember... “Together We are One, one beautiful Light” Archangel Raziel

If you ever shall need me, just call upon the Angels or send the Fae and I shall meet you in the ethers, xoxo

_F3D591 WanderlustFindings Moon Graphics.png
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